It’s intense, fun, liberating but most of all, inspiring.

What we do

Our seminar and training events give individuals and teams the courage and determination to empower themselves to improve their lives by achieving the personal or professional ambitions. Our customers benefit from remarkable insight, inspiration and motivation through our presentations, training and individual coaching sessions.

Everybody has a history of repeating their old habitual patterns of behaviour. Most people are unaware of the hold that these ‘pasts’ have on us. By completing one of our courses, you won’t want to hold on to the limiting beliefs that produce those patterns of behaviour, because we give you some experiences that help you to raise your level of expectation from yourself and the world. You will learn what it is to truly pay attention to your thoughts and how to understand and harness your inner spirit.


1 day introductory course



The course comprises group and one-to-one sessions, practical exercises and demonstrations of techniques you can start immediately that WILL change your life. The style of the course delivery is informal, with lots of opportunities for fun, discussion, questions and answers and interaction with course facilitators and other participants.


3 day intermediate course



Propulsion is a 3-day course usually run over a weekend which can be attended either as a stand-alone course or as a progression after the Ignition course.

Propulsion is when people let go of their past selves and step into their personal power and can truly become their potential and create the life to which they aspire.

It is a personal development programme for people who finally want to get themselves moving into the life they deserve and attain the success that they were born to achieve.


4 day advanced course



For people who have completed Propulsion and want to finely tune their practice. You will have worked on the things that used to get in your way and impede your progress.

You’ll have developed new skills to help you set realistic outcomes and goals, you will already be recognising when past beliefs, narratives and limitations distract you from your purpose and ambition, and you’ll know how to deal with them.

You will understand the personal power that allows you to be present in the here and now, working towards the future unfolding.


4 day advanced course



This highly intensive professional certification course provides training lessons and feedback from the world’s #1 empowerment trainer. Ideally, you will have already completed Propulsion but if you are already an empowerment coach or senior manager already, you can join this programme with no prior experience.

This is for serious motivators and coaches, who want to raise their levels of authority, charisma and personal power and learn the process of trained empowerment to pass on to others.