Our mission is to give people experiences

which open up and make abundantly clear the personal possibilities available to them and to accept the reality that they can choose any level of success that they apply themselves to.

Our philosophy

People are far more capable of achieving the success they dream of – in any area of life – than they know. Successful people simply think things and do things differently from most other people. By creating an environment where people’s inhibitions, stories, upbringing, and experiences are combined in a way that connects with people’s humanity, people are empowered in ways that they would never have imagined. With proven training tools, and full support, anyone can transform disempowering histories, stories, experiences and expectations into lives of freedom, joy, happiness, fulfilment, health and success.
Our philosophy is based on concepts of truth and authenticity, fun and joy, honesty and wisdom. We draw on techniques and practice developed by renowned practitioners and personal development trainers Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Virginia Satir, Peggy Dylan and Tolly Burkan, widely accredited with introducing firewalk training in the 1970s. Our practice includes elements of psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, psychodrama together with the methods we have developed over years of teaching thousands of people how to change their lives.

Success Formulae is a global leader in Firewalking transformation –

powerful personal development technology designed for personal results.

Our team

Steve Consalvez

Master Firewalking Instructor
Steve is one of only 2 Master Certifying Firewalking Instructors in the world, and the only one in the UK, certified by Tolly Burkan. Steve has helped train over 160 new Firewalking Instructors, from over 25 countries. He founded the Global Firewalking Association and advises on issues relating to ethics, training, safety, legal, publications, marketing and sales.

Barry Collins

Sales Director / Master Firewalking Instructor

Barry has over two decades experience managing sales teams, developing and delivering soft & hard skills training, project management and implementation with blue chip companies. Consistently delivering results in a high pressure industry, he achieved performances ranking him in the top 1% amongst his peers. This has equipped him with an understanding of how change impacts your business and the people within it.
In an industry where survival relies on the ability to adapt and evolve, he has excelled by making the switch from sales leadership to training needs analysis, development and delivery to hundreds of people nationwide, ensuring consistent standards throughout.
Barry continues to demonstrate his commitment to success by supporting individuals & teams to be the very best they can, utilising the lessons he has learned from both first hand experience, and from masters within his chosen fields of study.

Nick Boyle

Firewalking Instructor
Nick has enjoyed running his own digital media business for many years. As part of our team he maintains the websites and marketing effort as well as assisting at our events capturing great images of everyone participating.

Marina Collins

Firewalking Instructor and Hypnotherapist

During Marina’s two decades in the sales & management arena, she experienced first hand how the stress created in a high pressure work environment cannot be contained in the ‘9 to 5’ and can easily overflow in to other areas of your life. Realising that for things to get better, she needed to be the catalyst for creating the change she wanted. Embarking on a journey of learning from leaders in the field of personal development and empowerment, that revealed a can-do attitude coupled with the flexibility to recognise opportunity and go for it, she equipped herself to relate to the pressures endured by those in all walks of life. She now teaches others the attitudes and techniques that changed her life, and can change yours too.
As someone who knows the benefits to be enjoyed by hitting the reset button on life, Marina is ready to help you find your own way back to the best you.