With just a two-hour meeting, I have been able to turn around our business

Simon Boyle, Managing Director – Dragons Den Entrepreneur


Compelling Speaker and Trainer

"Steve was a compelling speaker and trainer. His style was both funny and intensely focused on technique and results. The combination made for high energy every time."

Tony Simons, Ph.D.
President, Integrity Dividend LLC
Associate Professor of Management, Cornell University

A Very Effective Presentation

"Steve's professionalism and charisma made for a very effective presentation. He covered all the points while creating a fun and relaxed learning environment. Thanks again Steve."

Jason Shaw

A Great Coach But Also A Great Human Being

"Steve is an excellent Coach, his work stands out for his clarity in transmission of his knowledge. He's funny, passionate, and inspired great confidence. It is a privilege to know not only a great coach but also a great human being."

Eduardo M. Ruiz
F.I.R.E Certified Firewalking Instructor

He Can Take You From Level Zero To A Level Ten

"Steve is an excellent presenter! He can take you from level zero to a level ten very quickly."

David Gaona
CEO, Cato Ceramica

Jaw-Dropping Magnificence

"The way Steve Consalvez' brilliance, and the team, coordinated, combined and executed the transition for us all to break through, when we were ready, was just jaw- dropping magnificence."

Steve's humor and friendliness made everyone comfortable and engaged from the moment he shook our hands and gave his initial greetings.

I experienced individuals come in on day one stooped and practically defeated, and by Sunday, afternoon, not one of us was without a new, wholly embraced and acknowledged belief in ourselves. By the final experience and event, those beliefs were embedded and seared into each of Steve's participants.

I am so humbly grateful to Steve and the entire team, for myself and everyone involved.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Jaclyn Deanr
Attorney at Law, Barrister, Charity Campaigner

I Give Steve An A+

"With a studious character of being a professional instructor, Steve's classes are both educational and entertaining. Without a doubt, his unorthodox and British "Monte Python" sense of humor, along with a bit of sternness, creates the type of instructor that everyone is attracted to. I give Steve an A+ on classroom performance and delivery."

William McDonald
Tong Il Lo Grandmaster & Founder, 5x Martial Art Hall of Fame Inductee

We Saw An Immediate Increase In The Company's Profitability

"When I invited Steve to come and consult with my senior managers, I had no idea just how uncomfortable his apparently obvious questions would make them. The simplest of processes and opportunities to improve our position, were quickly uncovered, and after his presentation on "The Power of Your Beliefs" to my whole sales team, we saw an immediate increase in the company's profitability. Since then, we have continued to enjoy that profit level, and my business made more the month after than it had the whole year."

Charles Horton, CEO and President, Fastbucks Inc

For The First Time In 30 Years I Felt So Empowered

"I previously had a profound fear of dogs all my life; I can't remember when it started but all I know is that I used to get a panic attack just seeing a dog, any dog.

When I met with Steve Consalvez in Dallas in September 08 at the Firewalk Instructor Training, I have no idea how, but with a few minutes session of NLP all of my phobia dissolved! It was miraculous really, and seconds later I was playing with two big dogs from which I had previously ran from!

For the first time in 30 years I felt so empowered that I could play with a dog, and from that day on, I seriously love dogs and I want to get one of my own. My friends think it was really a miracle.

Thanks a lot Steve for having changed that in me and for having made me believe I can conquer the fear, which will reflect on other aspects, not only my personal life but my professional life as well! Big thanks!

Samiha El Refaey, Training Manager

My Experience Of Steve's Work is Unforgettable

"Steve Consalvez really under promises and over delivers! Mildly put, my experience Of Steve's work is unforgettable. He is a master at what he offers. The results of his NLP for me where immediate and "magical", I also saw him "deliver" a friend from a life-long fear of dogs in under 20 minutes. She was hugging a huge dog at the end of a brief session!!! I have been mesmerized by Steve's work and that is why I not only recommend him but am also planning to hire him at The University Of Power in Puerto Rico.

Pablo E Nunez, Experiential Trainer & Partner

Thanks to Steve, I Don't See How I Would Be Alive Today

"Steve literally saved my life. My Neurologist convinced me that from the X-rays there was no physical problem in my brain and that I was simply stressed and should take aspirin. Steve's knowledge of Psychology and the symptoms persuaded him to spend some time using NLP and some holistic investigating which suggested there was some problem and he highlighted where. Using his NLP communication skills, he then trained me how to communicate the problem to the surgeon as well as talking to the surgeon's office about his suspicions. Thank god. They called me right back in, re-scanned me, found the problem and two weeks later removed a brain tumour from my brain, the size of an egg. Thanks to Steve, for without him, I don't see how I would be alive today"

Kay Pierce, Private therapy client

Working With Steve Has Been Like A Whirlwind!

" His approach to getting you to look at your business really hits the mark. I started looking at my business in a new light and of course that led to me looking at what I did in my business that had positioned it where it was- what an eye-opener! I never saw myself as a sales-person but Steve got me to understand that I should take my prospective clients through a needs analysis which allowed them to really see the value I could give them. After taking a good look at how I managed the business, I was motivated to change the way I do things and Steve really gets you gets you to feel confident about doing things differently. After several hours coaching, armed with new skills and going through his firewalk seminar, I am so much more motivated to achieve my career and business development plan – thanks Steve!"

Wendy Ingrey

Working with Steve is a revelation.

"He is able to both see your capabilities, and motivate and direct you to do better. I found myself having greater confidence, taking more responsibility, increasing my capabilities, and ultimately with his help, enabled me to turn around a dwindling revenue into a profitable one. After he put us through one of his 'empowerment workshops', I found my increased confidence enabled me to step up my knowledge base and challenge myself much easier, and all of this has forever changed the way I approach my personal and professional life. When at work, I am so focused on what counts, and now am always able to see where the business needs help the most. His 'mentored' approach to sales coaching I know is very rare, but I will always remember his ABC of selling- 'Always Be Closing'."

Charlotte Drinkwater

Able to Transfer His Life Long Experience to His Students in a Fun Way

"Steve is a real master when it comes to explaining advanced NLP techniques, not only did he simplify it so anyone could easily understand it, he chuck the steps in a clear way so the results could be easily and quickly replicated by his students.

Anther thing I loved about Steve is how he shows you how to practically apply the techniques in different areas of your life, he is defiantly able to transfer his life long experience to his students in a fun way.

Mohamed Tarek, Egypt
Certified trainer of NLP

Helping Me Take My Career to the Next Level

"Having the opportunity to work with Steve on NLP, was truly a blessing in disguise. We really focused on how to embed these influential techniques to aid in the sales process during our one on one sessions. He has shown me the importance behind communications, and my commissions checks can most definitely vouch for that. Thank you Steve and the whole team at Success Formulae for helping me take my career to the next level."

Matt Carr
Business Owner, and Firewalking Instructor Trainer

We Can't Quite Believe How Much We Achieved

"Firstly we wanted to say thank you for the DVD which arrived yesterday. It provides a great memory of such an amazing day; thank you for the trouble you took in putting it together.

Secondly an even bigger thank you for the amazing day itself. It was an incredible experience from start to finish and we can't quite believe how much we achieved. From the arrow, to walking on glass, to of course, the ultimate firewalk, we enjoyed your friendly style throughout and appreciate the guidance given. I really don't think our feet touched the ground that weekend (not because they were hot!) but due to the sheer exhilaration of realizing what can be possible."

Katie & John Elmer

Fueled Me to Move Forward With My Life

"Steve, you delivered the benefits of your NLP knowledge with enthusiasm and clarity and your directive energy kept me riveted to the moment and your unique style of teaching kept us on our toes.

The practical participation gave me real insight into how to keep connected with my clients and how to dig deep into their psyche to eradicate old patterns. When you partnered me in this exercise, I was astonished that within four questions you uncovered how things that appeared to have no value, were linked to my deepest needs.

The full experience of the Executive Firewalking Instructors Training Course and the NLP section fueled me to move forward with my life with a whole new view to my future. Thanks Steve!"

Joan Frances Boyle, Scotland, UK.

This Year, I Will Make Several Hundred Thousand Pounds

"I first met Steve at a networking event in 2011 and up until meeting him felt the event to be a waste of time. Immediately Steve impressed me with his astuteness in that I was not really enjoying it, but also he managed to point out the futility of my efforts, which wasn't your usual sales pitch!

However, his kindness shines through, and Steve freely loves small business, so gave me some great ideas and a new chunk of motivation with which to refocus my efforts, as well as some reading material- all free.

After two weeks, my results were beyond my own comprehension.

To summarise, in the first 10 months, my salary went from the equivalent of a Macdonald's manager, to a GP!! That's 5 times!!

The business started growing immediately, but with some focus and Steve's guidance, we set up another business, which has reached £250,000 a month in the first 12 months!

In the year before I met Steve, I made around £24,000, this year, I will make several hundred thousand pounds. Do I recommend Steve? Are you mad? Of course, I do. I have now seen him also working with groups and the changes that come from that are amazing.

Running a business for me used to be unrewarding, dull and hard work, but now it's fun, meaningful and easy, and if you'd like to hear it from me, call us!

Oliver Warburton, SEOShrink

Increase in Spend Per Head of 86%, Increase in Revenues 44%

"I have used Success Formulae's Steve Consalvez since 2000 as a leadership coach and business advisor.

Together we completely turned around the food and drink business of the YHA, with 170 outlets employing over 1000 staff. The net result was 44% revenue growth, and a 10% increase in net profit.  With his help we managed an unheard of increase of spend per head up by 86% with a 22% declining customer base following strategic disbursement  and reinvestment programme.

Steve personally helped me to get promoted from  Pilot Projects  Manager to the UK Head of Food and Beverage Operations, responsible for £14 million worth of revenues, £6 million of purchasing, training of 600 staff through a team of 22, 6 direct reports. Through his help my salary quadrupled and my respect within the business increased tremendously over that 4 year period.

I would highly recommend Steve to all companies and individuals who would like to make the most of their capabilities. Unlike other coaches I've experienced, he gets the job done, cuts through the rhetoric of self development and delivers, every time.

Colin Rich, Head of UK Food and Beverage, YHA

Business Saved from Certain Closure

"With just a two-hour meeting, I have been able to turn around our business. I am now behaving differently and the changes I have made in the business over night are just short of miraculous. We have just sold an event from a walk in which is a first, then my team did exactly the same following your advice, Thanks Steve!"

Simon Boyle, Managing Director – Dragons Den Entrepreneur

From Graduate Recruit to Superstar Sales to Director in 5 Years

"Steve was instrumental in moving my career from a manager to a Director. His skills are in identifying exactly what is required to move you towards your objectives. He is able to communicate precisely what you need to do and guides you into the activities which lead to success. Whilst using Steve as my coach, I moved my income to £75,000, which at 25 years of age, I am very proud of."

Helena Burrows, Director

Winner of the Best Sales Award IN YEAR ONE!

"Steve has some of those skills you rarely find in one individual. He is able to both coach and train and does this from keen and sharp experience. His ability to motivate and get you committed to taking action are his key strengths. I can honestly say that Steve is the best sales trainer I have ever met."

Petra O'Shea, Director, Regus

We Have Increased Profitability by Over 30%

"Since Steve has worked with us, we have identified and implemented so many profitable changes to our business, that we are now unrecognizable. We have increased profitability by over 30% streamlined our Customer Services experience and achieved the same revenues in 3 months that Steve worked with us than we did in the previous 9 months. This year we will more than double our best ever year. If anyone would like to speak to me personally they can."

Nick Boyle, Director

I Think The First Two Days Alone, Earned Us £30k in Profit

I heard about Steve, because he coached my wife, when she first got into sales. She now makes over seventy thousand pounds a year thanks to Steve's methods. And Steve really transformed my business, but what I really liked about his philosophy, is that everything is linked to you making more profit. My business has done more in the last 7 months than we did all of last year. I have gone from £22k loss and hugely in debt to £120k more revenue, making a massive differences in profits, and back in control with the debt, thanks to Steve’s help. The two days initial workshops were just eye-opening and then the follow-up sessions really keep you focused on success. I think the first two days alone, earned us £30k in profit. It just works. And work is now so much more fun. Thanks Steve!"

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