Selling you


from someone who has been there

Steve Consalvez, who has developed and sold several small businesses as well as now helping every client he has to improve their bottom line

Selling YOU - The Power of selling your services confidently

Do you want more enquiries?  Then, do you want more of those enquiries to say "Yes!"  In that case you'd probably like some referrals, yes?  And customers to spend more?

These are questions that every business person is interested in.  This is so they can increase the number of customers, increase margin, increase spend, and get repeat business and more enquiries.  Sales professionals are trained to do this, and think like this.  Most entrepreneurs are NOT!  Not only don't they think like this, but many actually HATE having to sell.  Is this you?  Does it sound like something you might have thought?  Do you feel slightly embarrassed at the thought that you might be confused with being a sales person?  Many small business owners feel this way.  Or they simply lack confidence when face-to-face with customers or when those customers give them reasons or excuses or objections to buying.

Does some of this resonate with you?

In this course, I have focussed the content on two things:  Building your sales confidence, in easy and practical steps, and building your sales competence, by working with you, your style, your product (or service) and your own capabilities to connect.  I have taken all of the main selling issues facing the hundreds of SME's I have met over the last twenty years and put it into a course that will help you begin the process of being the best salesperson you can be.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What your product or service is worth-to your customer-and how they value it
  • How to present it, in its best light
  • How to ask important, customer-buying questions
  • How to respond better, under pressure
  • The seven golden sales rules of success
  • How to sell your products or services naturally in the way your customer wants to buy from you.
  • How to sell, without selling
  • How to sell more to existing customers
  • How to get more business and leads
  • Your greatest resource
  • How to feel like a winner, whenever you want to.

Selling YOU is aimed at SME's who sell either their own product, their own service, or as part of a small organization, within a distribution network. When you visit a potential client, we all know that we only get one opportunity to make a first impression, but what impression are we making?

In this course, you will learn from someone who has been there. This course is delivered by Steve Consalvez, who has developed and sold several small businesses as well as now helping every client he has to improve their bottom line.

This course is all about YOU.  Steve has trained people to sell at the highest level, from zero experience, but this course is mainly to pass on the best ways to increase sales from a small business perspective, not a large business entity.

If confidence is stopping you from performing at your best, then the final event of the day is when you will learn how to control your mental state so that you take the steps you need to, to make your business succeed.  We will teach you in the final section of Selling YOU part 1, the power of your own capabilities.  You will learn how to create a positive state of mind, at will, and invited to undertake the breathtaking firewalk, the same experience seen by millions on News at 10- from Steve’s famous Fear Into Action seminar. Tickets are limited to 24 delegates, so contact us now on 01733 849999.

Next course: Saturday 28th March 2015

  • Price: £149
  • Early bird, up to 31st December 2014, £99
  • Venue:  Success Formulae Training Centre, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0TS
  • Start: 10:00 Finish 5:00pm
  • Lunch and refreshments provided

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