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Let's be honest! More than perhaps we should! You all know that getting referals is good for your business. You may even get some. You might even be saying "I have received 'lots' of referals".

But whilst that's all well and good, of the customers you currently serve, how many of those, have people they know who could use your service, whether they know it or not? And could use it now?

You probably don't know for sure. But these people will go out and buy from your competitors, or they may just wait, and both of these mean that YOU ARE NOT GETTING THEIR BUSINESS.

There are thousands of companies that have very successful referal programmes, so that they get referals now, and get plenty of them.

We would like to teach you these methods so that you can get them for yourself. Would you like that? You bet!!! Referals are the best value for effort expended there is.

However, you can read about techniques, but THE FACT IS, that without the right approach, and without the right communication, IT WILL FAIL. IN FACT, if you don't use the right words or approach but just ask using the secrets of good sales people, you'll still have good success.

If you would like to hear the best referal-grabbing processes for entrepreneurs, and learn the most innovative ways in which to promote this cost-effective lead-grabbing system, then contact us now! This one-day, mainly in-house, but sometimes open course, could just make you a fortune!

£149 - one day blaster

£249 - two day perfecter

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