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Practitioner Course Overview

NLP Practitioner Course Overview

Practitioner. 7 day module starting on February 16th 2015.

Day 1

a) A brief history of NLP.  The key creators and contributors. Delegates will be able to talk fluently about where it came from and what context they will be best be able to use it for. They will create several soundbites that work for their own personal use that will make sense to their target audience understand.  You will be able to discuss NLP in a way in which your audience understands.

Observation and distillation: What made NLP.  NLP is nothing that was created new.  It was just that the skills, knowledge and abilities that were demonstrated previous to NLP, were 'intuitive' and owned by a small groupon of people who had many theories about what they did, without ever really having them analysed.  Richard Bandler and John Grinder, did just that, and so NLP was born.

b) NLP at its core.  Learning to understand the micro expressions of the mind.  What makes a good communicator?  And what goes on in the human mind?  You'll learn how NLP developed from a therapeutic model to a general model.  Find out how you discover information that is useful, that can help you get results.  You'll learn the basis of finding out how people and yourself create systems and organise thoughts that get you the results you're getting.

You'll also begin to learn how to approach questioning so that you can state things in the positive, and understand just how you can achieve more.

c) You'll also begin to learn active process of the unconscious, and how you can influence your own mind and others by using softer language.  You'll begin the process of understanding the "Milton Model", named after the world's foremost clinical hypnotist, so that you can begin to understand how we are influenced by suggestion and language.

Day 2

a) Goals and how to set them has become a fundamental motivator for people learning NLP.  You'll learn how you currently think about goals, then experiece some different ways to think about them using your own best resources.  You'll begin to use NLP modelling, to create your own compelling future.

b) Understanding senses-"What was I thinking?", will become "How was I thinking?".  Building upon Day 1, you will start to understand how you create your reality, and how others create theirs.  In detail.

c) You will start to learn how you can understand another persons reality, then building upon Day 1, start to build upon that, in your communication, to them.

d) How does our thinking effect our goals.  A look into how you can become an outcome-orientated individual.

e) We will take investigate fear and confidence, and then perform one of the Empowerment Intensive metaphors (TBC)

Day 3

a) "What are you thinking?" A beginner's guide to mind reading.  Following on from Day 2, you'll learn how people express their internal reality on the outside.  You'll practice some of the more obvious giveaways like eye-accessing, and posture to begin to understand what people are doing, internally.

b) Rapport.  Building upon the previous exercise, you are now spotting patterns of behaviour.  Now you can begin to understand how to influence yourself and others through physiology, and your own output.  We'll discuss the work of Albert Mehrabian, on the transference of emotions, and how to transfer something credibly to another person.  You will also start to create your "ultimate rapport builder", this is the flexibility to be able to adapt yourself, so you can connect with the maximum number of people you meet.

c) Anchoring positive states.  You'll start to understand how you can create positive states in other people, and how to have them feel good from it.

Day 4

a) Anchoring yourself to success.  Getting you, to be the best you.  Here you'll learn, how to access states that you want, on command.  How to create the anchor, and how to amplify it.

b) The Swish.  This is a classic NLP technique, and uses the modalities we've learned so far to transition from one state to another.  The Success Formulae variation on this makes this technique extremely compelling.  You'll learn how to use this to help with creating your compelling future.

c) Strategies.  Putting together sequencies that work.  Learning how you and others create their reality through sequencing and working with it.  Understanding why things don't work.  Making them work.

d) Submodalities-the backbone of our experience.  In this session you'll learn to fine tune your reality and experience the true "science of subjective experience", which is what NLP has been called.  You'll become attuned to how they effect the people you meet.

Day 5

a) Problem solving.  In this session, you are going to start to build solutions to your "Big 3".  You'll learn how you think about them, and how you can begin to solve them.  The what, the how, the when, and the how to think about them.

b) Fast phobia cure.  Using NLP, you can now begin to build solutions to problems.  You will build some strategies for problem solving in groups, and try them out.  This will be followed by a demonstration of the NLP classic.

c) Monsters in the mind.  Creating good things that help us.  In this session, you'll be thinking about your Big 3 and building a map of the states required to help you achieve these objectives.  Then you'll build them.

d) Test.  Another, more difficult test from the Empowerment Intensive, to test your strategy.

Day 6

a) When models work.  Recognising when you can use a model, and when more finesse is required.

b) 6 Step-Reframing.  The classic NLP model, a modern perspective.

c) Changing Personal History.  Helping you appreciate the past.

d) Perceptual Positioning.  Seeing the past in a new way.  Feeling better about past experiences, by seeing it differently, on purpose.

e) Introducing Metaprogrammes.  In this session, you'll get to work ou your own perceptual position and orientation.  We'll discuss, values hierarchy, so you can begin to understand why people do things, no matter how strange they may appear.

Day 7

a) Metaprogrammes- The motivational force of the human race.  In this session, you'll learn how to predict other's behaviours by understanding their sense of value.  By now, you can understand, how they express themselves, and how they arrange their thinking, but this session will go through the fundamental reasons why people behave a s they do.  From this you'll be able to use all the tools used so far to be able to communicate more effectively with them, in future.

b) Your body and your life.  In this session you will experience how we tend to organise our life and time in physical ways, and how you can use this to reorientate yourself, using anchoring and spatial positioning to feel better about past circumstances.

c) Your Big 3.  In this final session, we'll put it all together, focussing on confidence, and you'll put together a well formed system and plan to achieve your Big 3.

d) Final Empowerment Exercise.

e) Questions and Answers

Course Certification Presentation


****Please NOTE.  Attendance on the course, is not an indication of an automatic Society or ANLP Certification.  You will be assessed throughout and only after we have subjective evidence that you have learned everything to a satisfactory standard, will you receive a Society or ANLP Accredited certification.  Discounted places of more than 50% will not be Society or ANLP certified.  Certification may require additional work and submissions from you.****   All delegates will be provided with a course attendance certificate, provided that they attend each day and attend the empowerment sessions-please note actually taking part in the empowerment exercises is optional.

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