Our commitment

is to have you experience NLP

as it was meant to be experienced - as a transformative one

Introduction to NLP

You’ve heard of NLP, or you’ve been invited to come along to get a taster of NLP via one of our Meetup groups. Whatever the reason, the objective for us in both the one-day and two-day courses, is to for us to show you the possibilities for your own life to get you on a path you enjoy, or to help you create a path that is no longer inhibited.

You will have heard of Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard, The Secret, Richard Bandler, John Grinder and possibly some of the other great resources out there, and you might be wondering what we are going to really offer you in your journey. Well, buckle up, because this is going to be a very inspiring and beneficial investment for you.

1-day Introduction to NLP

In just a day, there is actually a lot that can be achieved. For you, you’ll get to meet us and get to see just how compelling and credible the training team are. Both have achieved high levels of success from low levels of starting, and you’ll get to see just what level of applied success we’d like to see you achieve. You see, it’s all about YOU.

You’ll get to experience some very powerful states to do with confidence, power and action, as well as starting the process of understanding what we do that prevents us from achieving those states. You will also be exploring what we do instead of confidence, power and action.

At the end of this day, you will be able to do something confidently, that you had struggled with before. Examples might be, public speaking, speaking to a relative, asking for sales business, picking up spiders or butterflies. Here’s an example of NLP in action. This is Samiha, she is just testing the results of our work, with her 25 year phobia of dogs. Would you like to be able to do this?

2-day Introduction to NLP

In 2 days, we can really begin to explore what NLP means to you, and what you want from it. In day one, we’ll be focussing on you, and helping you to understand the NLP objectives model, so that you’ll be very clear on what you want, how good it will be to achieve it, and what you need to do to achieve it.

In day two, you’ll learn how to go through the plan, and look at how other people will affect you, can affect your plan, and what you need to know about them in order to have the best chance of getting their support. You’ll also get to test some of basic assumptions of NLP by experimenting and testing with other members of the group.

People trained to a high level with NLP are often recognised as having high levels of confidence and so on day two, you’ll get to choose creating your own experience. In other words, feeling and behaving the way you want.


"I previously had a profound fear of dogs all my life; I can't remember when it started but all I know is I used to get a panic attack just seeing a dog, any dog. When I met with Steve Consalvez in Dallas in Sepetember 08 at a firewalk event, I have no idea how, but with a few minutes session of NLP all of my phobia dissolved! It was miraculous really, and one day later I was playing with two big dogs from which I previously ran off from! For the first time in 30 years I could play with a dog, and from that day on, I seriously love dogs and I want to get one of my own. My friends think it was really a miracle. Thanks a lot Steve for having changed that in me and for having made me believe I can conquer the fear, which will reflect on other aspects, not only my personal life but my professional life as well! Big thanks!"

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