Our commitment

is to have you experience NLP

as it was meant to be experienced - as a transformative one


NLP has impacted so many people since the 1970’s

Now with a third generation discovering some of the vast benefits of how some knowledge of NLP can empower you, it seems a useful time to review how NLP is taught and what is being taught.

It was in 1990 that Richard Bandler made a set of distinctions to do with physiology and neurology that enabled individuals to actually be able to design their existence far quicker than before. He called it Designed Human Engineering and he’s taught this since. John Grinder also teaches his own distinctions which he calls “New Code NLP”, which has his own distinct stamp on it.

The reason why the two co-creators have these refinements is that they have re-modelled the original NLP processes and recognised further distinctions, especially in the area of unconscious processing.

This is why, we believe that the latest distinctions and the latest understandings on learning should be brought to you, who are willing to invest in the not unsubstantial training for your own benefit. This is why we have created this completely unique NLP Programme.

So how do you get the best training?

Where NLP has had the largest effect on modern society though, is the ability of effective Practitioners to be able to hold in check their own models of thinking, and to experience and integrate other people’s models, when those other people have skills and abilities the Practitioner wishes to acquire. This ability of effective Practitioners, is what has caught the public’s attention, and is what the originator’s still teach, and still insist is at the core of their Practitioner training.

This is why, Success Formulae’s proven, effective and credible training team have combined the current methods of both John Grinder, and Richard Bandler, together with the original training methodology and attitude that made the training so incredibly effective originally.

For the first time, since the 1970’s an NLP Practitioner is going to be fully interactive, and is going to not provide just methods, techniques, and information, but also coaching, mentoring and application. You will not only learn some fantastic tools to give you the life you want, but in learning to find tested applications for these tools, you’ll learn them at a deeper level, such that you will have a profound understanding and experience of the operating principles of NLP.

The training team of Success Formulae have over 30 years experience in NLP, but more importantly, we have the unique combination of success and credibility. Your trainers are both successful in their fields, one a Chartered Psychologist and respected author, qualified in many of the standard psychological profile assessments to the highest level in Britain, and a successful businessman who has used NLP for over 20 years in sales, sales management, marketing, and therapy, where for years he specialised in ‘secret therapy’. Both have been trained by either Richard Bandler or John Grinder, or both, and both have provided either clinical or commercial solutions to corporate business.

What makes us unique?

Our commitment is to have you experience NLP as it was meant to be experienced - as a transformative one. But more than this, you will upload the knowledge from a process of utilisation, not education. You’ll be doing NLP, not just learning it. This is the UK’s most credible and thought-out practical NLP Practitioner.

You’ll get trained by Steve Consalvez, who has outstanding credibility in using NLP, as well as having the broadest knowledge of psychological principles in the NLP community today. Take a look at his biography here.

You’ll also take away some empowerment tools for personal growth, but also for your own clients as we teach you some of the same processes that Tony Robbins learned from Tolly Burkan, which skyrocketed Tony to become the global coach he is. No one else in the UK can offer this. See more here:

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