Benefit from remarkable insights, inspirational exercises and motivational growth through our presentations, training and coaching sessions.

Inspirational speaking and empowerment events

Our events literally reveal to teams how to be courageous and how to develop determination to empower themselves and improve their lives in the process. This is easily applied for corporate or commercial success. Corporate delegates may attend our Ignition or Propulsion courses or we can tailor a business presentation to include personal empowerment activities and cover business topics that you believe your team would benefit from.

Topics we regularly visit with clients which could be included in a bespoke corporate empowerment presentation:

  • Customer acquisition, service, retention and development.Your customers ARE the vehicle for the attainment of your business goals. Find them. Get them. Make the most of them. Keep them. The top 10 things that the most successful sales companies do that bring success.
  • Building awesome sales teams. Give your sales team the skills for success. How to ‘map’ the recreate a team of super sales people. How to ‘de-limit’ them. Inspiring ways of showing the team that they count and that they make THE difference.
  • Leadership: Lead by example; Manage Change. Your colleagues, employees, maybe Senior Managers or even shareholders look to you for inspiration, guidance and responsibility. Learn how to show them what you’re willing to give using our ‘one in-all in’ exercises. Performing at your best.

Play full out

The Effect of 100% Commitment. Learn how to master focus, commitment and discipline to enable you to break through barriers which hold you back from your full capabilities.

Overcome fear

Discover how to overcome irrational fears.  Master how to positively influence a room full of people with more charisma that you believe you ever had.

Find success

How to coach yourself for success. Discover the personal power of exceptional and daily discipline.

Start with ignition

Inspire and motivate your staff to improve their own lives and embrace change to meet business challenges head-on, creating teams that work toward excellence and a better company.

1 day Ignition Seminar

Rise with propulsion

The ultimate in empowerment course which will drive you and your business forward. Packed with ideas to motivate and help you and your staff reach full potential.

3 day Propulsion Course

You will learn how to let go of all the obstacles that have previously got in your way, obstacles you probably don’t even know you have!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“If you want to change your life in just one weekend, then you need to sign up for this course now.”
Deborah McPhilemy

Speaker, Trainer, Author

“Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow again, I am totally blown away. I feel reborn, like a new person, I’m feeling much calmer and in control with an overwhelming sense of peace and life purpose. ”
Vanessa Simon

Grow Academy

“After several hours coaching, armed with new skills, I am so much more motivated to achieve my career and business goals. What an eye-opener! ”
Wendy Ingrey