Help you

to look at your business through these established procedures

we can then see what is needed to help you get from where you are to where you want be


In Economics terms, the objective of a business is to make money.

However, today’s small to medium sized enterprise is usually about innovation, independence and entrepreneurship. Most people would agree to this, and yet for the 80% of those that fail to survive 5 years in business, we consistently see failures not in these three areas, but failures in the harsh realities, of turnover, profit, sales and the fundamental processes of business. It’s not that you don’t have innovation, or the skills or product; it’s that you may not know the best way of getting your product or service to market, given your unique set of characteristics. And the chances are, it’s probably not just about the money, but it does usually help!

From A-to-B

There are literally thousands of ways of getting a business to succeed and thousands of books, CD’s, DVD’s, and courses which can help. But here’s the thing. Your business is unique, as are you, so you will have to read a lot to get the specific ideas necessary that will make sense to you and be available for you to use. This is why, getting an external person’s viewpoint is beneficial. We don’t judge your product or service, but we do know what the best ways of attracting your target audience are. We don’t judge how you do it, but we do know what works in business. By helping you to look at your business through these established procedures, we can then see what is needed to help you get from where you are to where you want be. Working with us, we’ll help take you, your people, and your business wherever it’s capable of going, together.

Business coaching

Are you busy doing business, so busy in fact that you don’t have the time to think about improving it? And if you do take some time out, do you just think about the problems?


Selling you

Selling YOU -is aimed at SME's who sell either their own product, their own service, or as part of a small organization, within a distribution network.



Communication is everywhere, aimed either at you, or aimed from you. Communication and influence go hand in hand With NLP.


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