Steve Consalvez - Master Firewalking Trainer and Business Coach

Steve Consalvez is the World's only Master Firewalking Instructor and Business Coach.

He is the only Master Firewalking Instructor in the UK, and one of a handful of people that have been using firewalking as an empowerment tool for over 20 years.

As well as his long connection with firewalking, Steve has utilised the benefits of this, and managed to build and sell a number of businesses.  He also had a regular career, which enabled him to work with people like Tony Robbins, Lord Lawson, Sir John Banham, Sir John Harvey-Jones, Dr Nigel Maclennan, among other business leaders and people developers.

He is trained to Mastery level training in Firewalking, which means that he has personally taught ALL aspects of the current curriculum, and that he can certify trainers for firewalking under the Firewalking Institute, Tolly Burkan's creation.

A Psychologist, Businessman, Leadership Coach and Business Consultant. He began his career in sales at age 11, offering a door-to-door car washing service on non-school days. From commission-only life insurance, right through to multi-million pound real estate property sales, Steve has sold one-to-one as well as complex selling situations involving multiple contacts, tenders and extended sales processes.

He grew a small service business from the ground to £25,000 a month in eighteen months, which he later sold to enable him to focus on helping small and large businesses and their owners to succeed.  He marshalled the personell resources at Regus, to help turn around the failing UK business, back into profit from certain failure, with his creation of The Customer Development Plan specificly designed to keep customers for longer, keep the existing ones, and change the model for sales to increase the closing ratio for the sales team.

He has been involved with improving lives for over 20 years and has worked with and sold for, experts like, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dwyer, Zig Ziglar, and the UK’s first business ‘guru’, Sir John Harvey-Jones. Steve was part of the team that brought Tony Robbins to the UK and he had Tony’s highest closing ratio in Europe.

After finally retiring from corporate life in 2008 at age 42, a retirement that lasted 11 days, Steve realised that his passion for developing businesses and people’s lives could both be met by helping smaller businesses and teaching them the secrets he learned from his mentors and coaches, as well as the passing on the lessons from growing his own small enterprises.

He provides talks on Sales for business owners, and senior managers on business development, troubleshooting, confident negotiating, and overcoming fear. He is the UK’s only Firewalking Master Trainer and he uses these confidence-building techniques to renew and energise his clients to give them useable tools to succeed. In 2010, he introduced the first ever Firewalk Instructor Trainer Training to the UK for the first time, which uses trainers from across Europe and the US.

Steve coaches people and businesses in the UK and the US, and he teaches people how to develop 'power and courage' using exercises in tests of faith in his seminars.  These amazing experiences demonstrate to participants just how much more confident they can be. He often hosts his Fear Into Action seminar at his own, purpose built training centre, to large and small businesses alike where people often use words like 'amazing' and 'fantastic' to describe what they have just achieved. In addition to that, Steve has also recruited a number of other coaches to join him in teaching others these powerful techniques, as featured on Anglia News in 2010.

Steve lives in the Cambridgeshire countryside, where his school is, with his partner Lynn, and their two dogs, Otto and Bonnie.  In their spare time, they provide training for new owners of rescue dogs to work in harmony with them.


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